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April 25, 2010
 A  few weeks ago, while at the pharmacy, the clerk who assisted me was named Joy. 
 Later I took my dog for a walk and saw a beautiful little hummingbird.
I’ve been told that the presence of hummingbirds represents joy. I stood and admired the tiny bird for sometime, then as I attempted to move closer to take a photo, another one joined it and together they flew off into the sun.

I couldn’t help but think how oftentimes “joy” eludes us because we’re moving so fast, rather than just taking it all in. Having experienced a series of “setbacks” and disappointments in my life this week it would have been easy for me to miss these reminders of joy. However, I’m grateful for each message.

When I came home I decided to look up the words hummingbirds and joy and this is what I found:

“Hummingbirds are very magical. They bring a smile to our face while watching their unique movement. Hummingbirds ability to hover in one spot teaches us how to be still and focused no matter how active we are. When the hummingbird totem visits we are reminded to appreciate the sweetness life offers. We have all heard the saying “Stop to Smell the Roses” and understand this means to slow down and enjoy life. The hummingbird teaches a similar lesson asking us to bury our noses more deeply and inhale the fragrant nectar. Life offers much joy and sweetness if we take the time to breathe it in.”

May you find , recognize and embrace al the JOY which comes into your life, and may it multiply.

Hearts & Blessings! ❤

“Talk To ME” and “Let ME Speak”

April 7, 2010

  Here begins a different journey of the heart of  

“Ms. E” aka “ME” …

…touching hearts, through the process of blogging! 

 Finally– after all this time!    I’ve found my space;  faced up; and even become a tweet heart;  but the only time I’ve  been inspired to blog was upon return from my trip to London last Fall, but that soon became  more of a “bogged”  experience!  So now thanks to the wise counsel and motivation from Life Coach  Dr. Nique,  I (or ME :) will  now be “wording up”  on a regular basis.

 As a therapist I listen a lot; as a a speaker I talk a lot; and as a thinker with lots of “unsupervised thinking”,  random  thoughts often become the content of the many pages of notebooks and scrap paper of the writer within me.  However, these writings aren’t organized and directed to anyone in particular  as are my published works  and messages which are born out  of my passion for issues related to children and youth- -especially those who have experienced trauma of  separation from their biological parents and often bounced around from house to house in the foster care system (See For A Child’s H.E.A.R.T., Inc.).

So it’s been sometimes difficult for ME to determine what, of all the thoughts which run loosely through my mind, would be of interest to a people who are busy trying to “make it” in this world.  Then it occurred to ME, it’s not so much my thoughts, but what’s in my heart and the HEARTS of the child within ALL of us.  

Whether our hearts are joyful, sorrowful, wounded, nurtured or neglected- – that is the core which affects the perceptions, emotions, choices and behaviours of our lives on a daily basis.  

So, here I will share my heart with you and invite you to do the same.  Here is the place where , one heart at a time, there can be many hearts connected.   That’s the place from which you can always “Talk To ME” and “Let ME Speak” – -from the Heart!  (:

Take good care of your/our hearts!

Hearts & Blessings!

Ms. E

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