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BREAK THE SILENCE: We’ve Been Quiet Too Long

September 29, 2010

There’s currently a lot of conversation and expressed opinion regarding the allegations of inappropriate sexual activity and/or sexual abuse by young men under the leadership of a prominent U.S. pastor.

Unfortunately, most of the conversation surrounding the topic is the very reason most people who are subjected to such behaviors don’t speak up!

 As a child/youth advocate and therapist I believe that a lot of the rage, violence and substance abuse we see in our young people- -especially young males- – is related to the silence of being a victim/survivor of sexual abuse.

It seems to be our human nature when we witness or hear something we are not prepared to face, to immediately jump to conclusions, become defensive,  take sides, point fingers, and pass judgment. 

How could someone who has been emotionally and physically violated, and probably already in a state of disbelief  and conflict, self-blame and confusion , reach out for help knowing that he/she or the person  in whom their trust has already been betrayed may be further damaged.

“Break The Silence” is a 2-DVD set of an interview between myself and Dan Smith, Author and Motivational Speaker who discloses his experience of abuse and the impact it has had in his life.

 Dan shares how refusing to remain silent can empower survivors of childhood trauma (emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse) can begin to break through feelings of confusion, guilt and shame, and tap into and develop one’s inner strengths, enabling them to walk in fulfillment of their life’s purpose.purchase your copy today visit:

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