Heart to “HEART Talk” with Ms. E!

It is exciting, enlightening and encouraging meeting and interviewing guests for the television Talk Show “Visions For A Child’s Heart” (c).    It also has become an increasing challenge, time-wise, and financially; and with the wide-spread connections made globally via internet, it’s a stretch geographically, to reach the many wonderful people whose stories and messages we’d  love to share on our program.
So until  television broadcasting resources are expanded, allowing us to become nation/world-wide,  I have decided to do a revised version of our former radio talk show Voices For A Child’s Heart (c) (which aired locally in 2006,) in a new & improved Internet Radio  format,  called “HEART Talk” which can be accessed via internet throughout the world!

HEART Talk”Radio(c) like theTelevision Program, “Visions For A Child’s Heart” , will be  dedicated to nurturing and healing the body, mind, and spirit connection of those whose lives impact and are impacted by, foster care, kinship and  adoptive placement.
Just some of the initial guests who have been invited and/or confirmed include:
Kevin Brown, Les Brown, Jonathan Burkett, Chris Kazi Rolle,  George Fraser, Kandee G, Nakia Lashaul, Shay Oliviarra, Michael Pritchard, Sunday Taylor, Regina Louise, Alfonzo Tucker, Iyanla Vanzant, Kimberly West, and Terrie Williams.
Programming will be live on Wednesday evenings 6-6:30 PM PacificTime (8PM Central/9PM Eastern) on Blog Talk Radio.   Interviews will be in 15 and 30 minute segments and will allow room at the end for listener interaction.




It’s time to have a Heart to “HEART Talk” with Ms. E! 
 So….Will you join ME?   Talk To M.E. !     


2 Responses to “Heart to “HEART Talk” with Ms. E!”

  1. Sunday Says:

    Hey! I was just dropping by to say I had a great time with you on BlogTalk!


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