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Abra La Puerta!

July 6, 2011

So, how’s MY day going?   The phrase for today is “Abra la puerta!”
Why did I just spend almost an hour locked on my balcony???

I accidentally locked myself out after letting the dog in so I sat on my patio furniture and decided to just enjoy the sunshine and view while waiting for someone to stroll by on the walkway below.

I finally heard the sound of the landscaper approaching with the mower, but I guess just before he got within my view he turned around.  I then look up in the opposite directionand see another worker clipping the ground cover plants–a real cutie pie.  I call him over and he says “No Ingles; hold on”.

To make a long story a LITTLE shorter, his friend no habla Ingles mucho mas. They walk away and no one returns.  Meanwhile my dog is “fussing” at me through the sliding glass door.

Finally the first guy comes back to continue clippling.  I ask him “Call la oficina?”  He says ¿Qué desea usted que preguntar? (what do you want me to ask them?)
Demonstrating a key-turning movement I can only think of the spanish word for  closed so I tell him “OPEN la puerta!!”  He says “Este?” I say “Si!!!!!”  and he walks away again.

Finally in a few minutes the property manager opens my front door with a big grin on his face!  *o*  After walking over and opening the sliding door we both have a good laugh and as I go to ask him the word for opened it immediately flows effortlessly from my lips “Abierto”!

So never forget if you get locked out in a Spanish-speaking only environment the phrase is “Abra la puerta”  And don’t forget to say “por favor y gracias” (Please and thank you).  *o*

Overall, I consider my “time out” a God-given “micro-mini retreat” as it’s a gorgeous day outside, and how often do we really sit down and take in the beauty of what He’s blessed us with? Another benefit of this “outing” is it gave me something to blog about that didn’t take a whole lot of thought or time!

So remind yourself to find the benefits in unanticipated/uncontrollable  “time-outs” you may encounter. 

Now on to something productive–LUNCH!  (:  ♥

Hearts & Blessings!



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