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Who & What In The World Are You?

November 24, 2011

So I’m on the computer and “The Angel” walks in. We do our usual good morning kisses and say Happy Thanksgiving.

I then ask her “what are you thankful for?” She doesn’t quite get it. Finally I say “What do you thank God for?”

Without hesitation, she say’s “My sister”.

I’m immediately reminded of the quote which says: “To the world you may only be one person, but to one person you may be the world”.

I am grateful first, that God considered my childhood prayers to have a “little sister”. Then He considered me worthy and capable of the privilege and responsibility of the love and challenges of having and “being the world” to a “Special” sister who would be “my little sister” perpetually.

There are times when I feel baffled and even hurt and cheated that my life has not taken the “normal” course and series of life events.  Then at others, I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude that He chose me to walk this journey of total reliance and service to Him and HIS/our children.

I am grateful for, more than I could ever birth from my womb, so many beautiful young people God has birthed in my heart.  Some have brought great “labor” pains, others postpartum depression, a few financial pinches, but ALL, at some point, a sense of connectedness, laughter and purpose.

During times when we find it difficult to embrace the world, and when the world does not embrace us as we would desire, we must find and embrace that one to whom we mean the world–even if at that time it seems to be God and God alone –and there are some days when you may even question that.

Be cognizant and grateful for who and what you are in the world, because whether we’re “feeling it” or not, we ARE!

To all “my chiren” who have allowed me to embrace you,  I love you more than you know; and to my “village” family who have embraced me thank you!

Have a heartfelt day of gratitude!

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