Always A Daddy’s Girl –Again

If still alive, today my father would be 91 years old. Unfortunately, he left this earth one month following his 50th birthday (I realize I’ve now lived longer than he did).
As a “Daddy’s Girl” I have many fond childhood memories of just BEING with and FEELING loved by him. I have grieved his passing in different ways during various phases of my life; and throughout have” adopted” different “dads”, even though most of them have also passed on.   
Although I’ll always miss having my Daddy, it occurred to me at a point in my adult life, that my relationship with my father has probably been the greatest factor in my being able to have a loving relationship with my heavenly Father.  I am confident in His love for me–even when I come short of His expectations. 
I have become aware that many have not had this privilege–as a matter of fact for some it has been just the opposite. Therefore, I am grateful for the greatest gift my father could ever have given to me –and that is a loving relationship. When my “inner child” is feeling unloved, she knows that she can crawl into His lap and lay her head in the bosom of Our Father.<3

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