National Adoption Month Cont’d: “Nice Looking Kid” » Heart Work Photos of Bryant & Branden4


4 Responses to “Heart Work Photos of Bryant & Branden4”

  1. Diane Onley Says:

    Beautiful family!!


  2. Evelyn Markham Says:

    Precious & loving cousin, a copy of the book will do me just fine! Of course, I’ll purchase a copy from you! xoxo


  3. Ms. E Speaks Says:

    Thank you Diane and Evelyn 🙂
    Evelyn you already bought copies from me remember? You even bought a couple for family members. 😀

    Thank you Evelyn AND Diane for supporting me through not only your purchases but through your commenting on and sharing my works. I wish I had MORE people like you. 😀


  4. Ms. E Speaks Says:

    I’m trying to figure out why your comments appear here underneath the picture rather than the post? Oh well…what matters is that they appeared. 🙂 (l)


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