The “T” Principle of Living With Heart

Wow! It’s been an even longer time than before, since I’ve been here! AND since I even “recycled” one of my blog messages! I have no one reason–not even forgetting my password (which I guessed and got right the second time) 🙂
You probably thought I’d “Lost Heart” and was gone forever huh? No Way!

I do realize, however that I’ve been writing most of my thoughts/reflections on Facebook, rather than placing them here.
Anyway, that’s what brought me here today. I was reflecting and sharing something on my Facebook and realized how long it was, and thought about how long it’s been since I actually blogged.

So here it is! 😀
Have you heard me share my signature message “Living with HEART”? (If you haven’t book ,me to speak at one of your motivational/inspirational events) 😉

Each letter in the world “HEART” represents a principle or action for living life fully and as stress-free as possible. The last letter “T” is for Trust (in the the process of things working out).
I know because my life has been and is continually filled with “T”-light! 😀

So this morning I awakened to a notification from my bank that during the dark hours of the night/morning, a large sum of fraudulent activity had taken place on my business account–mind you I’d just recouped from my low balance alert of $10.00–and now it was beyond low by a significantly larger amount.:)

After speaking with a bank representative, I was assured the money would be replaced in my account, but possibly not until 3-5 days. Because I’ve been waiting for a replacement debit card linked to my personal account, this week I used my business card for personal purchases and to purchase groceries and re-gas my car yesterday.

When I picked up the mail for my business yesterday there was a check there in which I was expecting a small amount. I didn’t open it and decided to bring it home to deposit next week.
Today I opened it and imagine my surprise when I saw that a client had decided to prepay for NEXT month’s sessions! 😮 Had I opened and deposited the check yesterday, IT would’ve been gone too!| 😀

Although financially STRE—TCHED for several weeks now, and “fighting” with major health insurance companies to be paid monies I’ve provided services and submitted claims for over a course of months, I trust GOD, (or if you refer to the universe, spirit, or higher power) to handle the process of these situations being handled in my favor. It’s the trust of creditors which create the greatest challenge! 😀

Living with HEART can be hard! and is truly a continued work in progress. However, I just want to encourage you when things seem to be in needless, unwarranted and undeserved turmoil, remember to TRUST!

So, that’s the message from my heart for today! 😊
If you have a topic you’d like to hear my heart talk on, let me know and I will search my heart and see what’s there. 🙂

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