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It’s Not In Vain

July 27, 2013

While excitedly looking forward to picking up the first copies of my latest book today, and celebrating its release along with my Angel Sister’s 45th birthday tomorrow, I am also saddened to learn the news of the passing of one of the young men I worked with as a youth. He passed a few months ago and no one informed until last night–via e-mail.

I’d just spoken of him in an interview I had on Thursday evening, not even knowing he’s no longer here. He was full of laughs which often masked a broken heart. Although he didn’t always make the best life choices he knew I loved him and I knew he loved me–he always treated me with the upmost respect and wouldn’t tolerate anyone else even looking like they were going to clown me.   He told me once “Dang, I can’t do nothing wrong, cause you’re just like the Holy Ghost, you’re always there!”   He called me his “Fairy Godmother”.  🙂

 I’ve been thinking about the last time he visited and some of the last conversations we had, including him asking me why he hadn’t been  included in my first book  🙂  Then I remembered some of the texts he’d sent me, a couple of which I saved.  Here are a couple:

“Jus checking on you.  My number is stiill the same.  Getting my life back together.  Love you super very much.  Later”

“Hey godmother I just wanted 2 say thank u4 help saving my life as a teen.  There ain’t enuff money 2 repay u.  It’s sad tho when I think about the traps satan put out there 4 me but I rejoice cuz God sent people llike you when I had  nuthing 2 offer but a microphone, a drum machine, and a dream.  You were one of the people that pushed me out of that statistic box.  Your boys got a wonderful mom–I mean great!  Thanx.”

I’m reminded of the old gospel hymnal “My Living Shall Not Be in Vain” and receiving these words I know my living has not been in vain, and I am grateful to even be able to HEAR it before going to my own grave. I’m still, however saddened to not be able to see this young man reach his peak potential.  In my sadness though, I can’t help but think I now have another “angel” above rooting for me as I continue to work at  making a difference in the lives of many more young men and women.

In light of all that is happening around us at the point in time, it’s just a reminder that our children, youth and even young adults need us.  They’re ALL our children–so please take the time to nurture and be present for the sons and daughters in our communities.  Help them to recognize the value of their lives as well as others.  In the words of Ms. Mamie Brown’s Baby Boy (and mine) Les Brown:  “It’s possible, it’s necessary, it’s hard and it’s worth it!” ❤

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